Indira Gandhi

A Hanging in History

Kriti Shah

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as the progressive Islamist

Oh Woe is Me!

A political memoir where the sting is the tale

Across the Line

A richly rewarding portrait of the subcontinent through personal stories

Kashmir’s Autonomy: The Valley of Flaws

The question of Kashmir’s autonomy has become a poisoned chalice

Natural Instincts

The greening of Indira Gandhi

Open Diary

Being misinterpreted on Bihar, my friends from La Martiniere and overdone political correctness


The Emergency, its victims and TV news anchors today

The Original Mrs G

A portrait of Indira Gandhi as a strong leader and formidable woman

Sir Harold Evans: ‘The decline of the printed newspaper is a great loss for English’

Former editor of The Sunday Times and author of, most recently, Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters


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