Indian partition

Old Objects, New Stories

Antara Raghavan

Indian museums respond to changing narratives and exacting visitor demands

The Right To Remember

Partition Horrors Remembrance Day seeks to memorialise a shared catastrophe of the subcontinent. It could bring people together and find them closure

Tenets of Trauma

Narrative treatments of three 20th century catastrophes

Act of Faith

Why the Partition in the east was kept under wraps for seven decades

The Revenge of Religion

Constitutionalism and the cult of protest

Being Amit Shah

Is he the inheritor of the Patel legacy?

How Democratic Processes Damage Citizenship Rights

It is true that India’s Constitution framers did not expect the articles dealing with citizenship to be set in stone

Bengal De-Westernised

The counter-revolution of Mamata Banerjee

Independence of the Mind

When We Are Looters at the Site of History

Pakistan Without Tears

Lahore in Islamic glow and the repudiation of the past


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