Indian media

The Chinese Connection: The Plot Thickens

PR Ramesh

The long trail of how China influences ideologically friendly media and activists in India—and a prominent figure in the nexus is a senior CPM leader

The New Liberal Disorder

The Indian media is under no threat from the government

A View from the Elite Ghettos

The loneliness of the Indian foreign correspondent

Why Did Indira Gandhi Call for Elections in January 1977?

The author, whose father HY Sharada Prasad was Information advisor to Indira Gandhi, examines the likely reasons why she relaxed the Emergency and called for elections

Broken News

Propaganda and the rot in the media

Who will win Delhi polls?

After having tasted easy victories in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana, Delhi is suddenly proving to be a pain in the BJP's lotus stem

Remembering Vinod Mehta: Tales from the Last Chance Saloon

Vinod Mehta updates his memoir with more wicked and wonderful stories from his life as an editor


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