Indian history

Who and Why?

Rajshree Chandra

The players, plots and the movement that led to Gandhi’s murder

The Right To Remember

Partition Horrors Remembrance Day seeks to memorialise a shared catastrophe of the subcontinent. It could bring people together and find them closure

Irwin Allan Sealy: The Kingmaker

Irwin Allan Sealy’s new book is about Ashoka. The novelist tells Bhavya Dore why his king belongs to the modern times

Exile and the Kingdom

The writer who famously took India to America was his own biggest story

The Public Archaeologist

In this account of MN Deshpande, the late iconic chief of ASI, Nayanjot Lahiri surpasses her own high standards in history writing

In This World I Only Weep

The exile and exaltation of Meerabai


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