What Powers the Dalit Resurgence

Ullekh NP

A new generation of Dalit leaders are challenging the old order and defying social hierarchies of the heartland

Dancing with Zadie Smith

Family, friendship and identity—one of English fiction’s most celebrated young writers returns to familiar turf

Have You Passed the Nationalism Test?

A democracy can do without fan clubs and vigilante crowds


An evocative ‘back-to- nature’ film that would have Indians ponder questions of identity

Suddenly Indian

Turtuk was a border region in Pakistan until 1971. One fine day, it became a part of India. The unsettling effects of this switch are still visible

Trouble in Paradise

The threats to Bhutan’s serendipitous identity

Eye, Me, Myself

What selfies say about people

Identity Crisis

A man assumes his younger brother’s identity to satisfy the age criterion for a job. So began a decades-long saga that has left the younger brother anxious about his property


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