Eye, Me, Myself

Aastha Atray Banan

What selfies say about people

Identity Crisis

A man assumes his younger brother’s identity to satisfy the age criterion for a job. So began a decades-long saga that has left the younger brother anxious about his property

The Poetry of the Unsettled

A protagonist of great sensitivity and disaffection earns debut novelist Teju Cole formidable comparisons

Fairness Complex

Kalki Koechlin on being objectified right from childhood and her quest for an identity

My Life Is Only a Little Different

I am Rudhra Sri, and I identify myself as a transgender.

A Gentile’s Quest

Howard Jacobson’s Man Booker Prize winner is a searing search for Jewish identity

The Mimic Man

Aatish Taseer’s dilemma is that he writes his best when he is trying to be Naipaul, but he clearly needs to move beyond Naipaul and find his own voice.

Is He Gay, Is He Not?

The ‘wrong door’ thesis is gossip du jour in hip, urban circles. It’s the adult-rated version of picking daisies.

The Namesake

In Kashmir, a name can be much more than a name.

We Are What You Are

Being Muslim means something to others. It is also much more than stifling labels


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