Dhaka Art Summit: Everyman’s Country

Rosalyn D’Mello

The Dhaka Art Summit reimagines identity and nationalism

The Day of the Goddesses

Telangana hosts India’s biggest carnival of tribal counterculture. Open chronicles the faith and frenzy on the river Godavari

National Portrait

Meghnad Desai holds a mirror to the oneness of India’s multiple identities

Hindutva and History

The struggle for a nationalist halo

Facial Recognition: Face the Future

Facial recognition comes of age with the iPhone X but there is interesting work happening in India too on this front

Kamila Shamsie: The Migrant as a Metaphor

A new novel by Kamila Shamsie explores the process of belonging

Between Fiction and Food

Society and cultural identity in the culinary experience of regional imagination

The Three Sins of Aadhaar

In praise of the private Indian

What Powers the Dalit Resurgence

A new generation of Dalit leaders are challenging the old order and defying social hierarchies of the heartland


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