The Next Wave

Divya Unny

New actors make a power statement

Veiled Response

The Sri Lankan ban on face coverings gives the terrorists what they seek

The Foreigner’s Home

To what do we pay greatest allegiance? Family, language group, country, gender? Religion, race? And if none of these matter, are we urbane, cosmopolitan, or simply lonely?

Best of Books 2018: Politics

The American role and the nature of Pakistan

It’s the Ideology, Stupid!

The twists and turns of an Indian political plot

Shock Therapy

The collapse of global financial markets in 2008 has left a trail of political wreckage in its wake

Mumbai Notebook

A city of ‘Identity and Culture’

Is There an Identity Crisis?

When the search for cultural authenticity stifles imagination

The Politburo of Piety

And the dictatorship of diversity


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