Huma Qureshi

When a Deol Marries a Roy

Kaveree Bamzai

Keeping the Bengali sensibilities alive

Huma Qureshi: Political Act

Huma Qureshi returns to the screen playing the chief minister of Bihar in a career that has spanned mainstream, international and indie movies

The Adventures of Huma Qureshi

She is rejecting the many Bihari women roles she got after Rani Bharti

Demonetised Tsars

The demonetisation of power symbols

Scripting a Climax

Spelling Bee | A Superstar’s Comeback?

Kaala Movie Review

Rajinikanth is laying down the planned trajectory of his long anticipated entry into politics by combining regional considerations with a broader national agenda

Dobaara: See Your Evil Movie Review

The movie is akin to watching a Stage Company in India churn out a replica of the latest successful play in London

Movie Review: Jolly LLB 2

Replacing Arshad Warsi, who played the lead role earlier, was a marketing decisions to widen the viewership base of the film

X: Past is Present

Too many cooks in the kitchen end up serving an experimental disaster

The Same Black Dress

The Same Black Dress • The Beautiful Collaboration • Taking Matters Into His Own Hands


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