The Seed of Communalism

Ram Madhav

Jinnah became even more bitter as Gandhi gained in stature

Aurangzeb’s Reign in the Light of His Own Orders

Aurangzeb’s reign in the light of his own orders

Aurangzeb: The Emperor of Counter-Reformation

Dara Shikoh’s defeat was a turning point in history as the concept of an inclusive India yielded to the supremacy of Islam. The consequences of the decisive battle of Samugarh were felt for more than three centuries despite the Mughal empire’s rapid disintegration under the weight of his victorious brother’s bigotry

Hate Wave in the Capital

Has Delhi become a communal tinderbox?

The Root Cause II

Hindus are a safe target for stand-up comedians

The Root Cause

The tap of Hindu anger has burst open

Bhakti as Resistance

The aesthetics of Indian politics VIII

Holy Water

From being gateways to gods to cleansing of sins, it has played a central role in religion and culture

A Mask for God

Yogi Adityanath got into an unexpected controversy when he offered a new mask to a deity

‘In the mortuary everyone becomes the same; there is no Hindu or Muslim’

As toll in the violence comes close to 50, evidence from the ground makes it clear that the police failed both communities


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