A Cowing Down Story

Madhavankutty Pillai

The intricacies of not eating beef in Haryana

Janaka’s Questions

And Ashtavakra’s idea of freedom and bondage

How We Valued Value

Wealth is a neglected domain in our scriptures because they were written by brahmins and that is also why artha is intertwined with dharma

Modi’s Perception War

Modi has to regain the argument at home by not letting the mad men of the Hindu Right undermine his ambition

Saving History from Historians

The late Marxist historian DD Kosambi continues to wield tremendous influence on the study of Hinduism. But his disciples have disallowed any rational critique of the man and have zealously ignored the religion’s diversity


Why Hindutva’s street fighter refuses to deviate from his cause

Aggression of the ascetic

Deconstructing Modi’s semiotic war: Is it the end of Nehruvian India?

From Hinduism to Hindutva at the Kumbh

Like 1989, the VHP has used the occasion to rouse communal sentiment, which the BJP hopes will work to its advantage in Uttar Pradesh

Old Tricks, New Battle

The VHP’s call to a Hindu ‘awakening’. Mob violence in Uttar Pradesh. Fearful minorities. The Ramjanambhoomi Movement is back. Whether it will work is less certain.

Thread That Binds

200 Muslim families of two UP villages make the kalainara, the holy thread of Hindus.


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