Sanatana Dharma has suffered worse attacks and survived because of its resilience

Bibek Debroy

Critics who know should be taken seriously. The ignorant can keep tilting at the windmills

Hating Your Own

What makes Hinduphobia acceptable at home and abroad

An Existential Threat

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s attack on Sanatana Dharma stems from a long tradition of anti-Brahminical Dravidian politics

A Return to Vivekananda

India must seize its G20 moment to launch Hindu internationalism

The Great Disillusionment

How Western elites fell out of love with Hinduism

Rewards of Devotion

Making a pledge that only Shiva can fulfil

An Epiphany in Ujjain

The Mahakaleshwar temple binds ancient wisdom to a resurgent India

The Hunter and the Hunted

How far Shiva will go to test the authenticity of devotion

An Ode to the Himalayas

Forever seeking the divine in the sprawl of the mountains


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