A Passage to Varanasi

Bibek Debroy

The philosophy and geography of soul cleansing

The Rama Motif

The aesthetics of Indian politics–X

The Rewards of Devotion

The journey of the seeker and the benevolence of the giver

The Shiva-Vishnu Partnership

The quintessential union for the betterment of all

The Womb of the Earth

Water and blood, creation and death, at the Kamakhya temple

A Mighty Lesson

Can Brahma’s blessing save one from Shiva’s wrath?

God’s Politicians

Modi's meeting with the Pope was picture-perfect, and it could not have been otherwise

Dharma vs Religion

Can one be a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jain and a Sikh at the same time?

The God of Giving

What is it that makes Shiva subservient to his devotees?

The Ocean of Compassion

Shiva can be reached even if one worships without mantras


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