A Prayer to Devi

Bibek Debroy

When Himalaya wanted a daughter

The Mother of All Battles

When death came with the splendour of a thousand suns

Rites of Ram’s Memory

Hindus reclaimed Ram Janmabhoomi because they had kept alive the memory of their loss for 500 years

Ayodhya Beckons

It’s not just Hindus who revere Rama for his virtues

The Gateway to Bharat

Modern India builds a temple to its civilisational identity

Misreading the Portents

Bhandasura remains confident of defeating the goddess

Bharat vs India

The former has built a new Ram temple. What does the latter prefer?

Sermon In the Sands

A visit to a curious shrine in Rajasthan that straddles culture and memory

Sanatana Dharma has suffered worse attacks and survived because of its resilience

Critics who know should be taken seriously. The ignorant can keep tilting at the windmills


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