An Epiphany in Ujjain

Makarand R Paranjape

The Mahakaleshwar temple binds ancient wisdom to a resurgent India

The Hunter and the Hunted

How far Shiva will go to test the authenticity of devotion

An Ode to the Himalayas

Forever seeking the divine in the sprawl of the mountains

The Caste Conundrum

Hammering an institution that outlived its utility

Winning Shiva’s Affection

Sage advice for a true devotee

The Fall Woman

On the eve of Holi, interpreting the burning of Holika

The Gravity of Grace

What does Shiva love most about a devotee?

The Omniscient One

Shiva’s mantra has every possible meaning

Sentiments of Worship

The many ways to invoke Shiva

A Word to the Offended

Modi came to power by demolishing taboos. Some of his one-dimensional followers want to create new ones


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