Revisiting the Pandavas

Bibek Debroy

The Mahabharata gives a dharmic reinterpretation of misfortune

The Illusion of Duality

True knowledge is realising the oneness of everything

I Am Not That

The self is distinct from anything of this world

Scent of a Woman

How Mahisha was conquered by love

Maternal Instinct

Why Yashoda considered her son Krishna to be the universe

The Snare of Samsara

The smallest of worldly cares keeps one trapped in the cycle of birth and death

Akbar’s Idea of India

The topical reverberations of Ira Mukhoty’s biography of the great Mughal

Namaste coronavirus!

A safe and superior old-fashioned greeting

The Awakening of Puranjana

How maya clouded a king’s judgement


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