The Cult of NaMo

Hartosh Singh Bal

For millions, reality does not seem to count

Turning the Wheel on Gujarat

The state’s unremitting hatred of Muslims can dissipate in the right conditions

The Takeover of Gujarat

How the BJP turned a Congress-stronghold state into its own fiefdom

The Disfigurement of Gujarat

…and why Year 2002 casts such a long shadow on the state

The Lies of the Land

The popular arguments in defense of the development models of Kerala and Gujarat are of dubious merit.

Who Has Heard of Morbi?

It’s strange that one can completely forget a tragedy like the collapse of the Machhu Dam II in Gujarat, which led to the death of nearly 25,000 people

Modi’s Teflon Is Wearing Off

The verdict against Mayaben Kodnani shows that Modi rewarded her for murder

Gujarat as an Object of Jealousy

Gujarat’s growth is hard to ignore. And with India’s economy in crisis, two divergent responses are surfacing

‘No regrets about interviewing Modi’

Shahid Siddiqui on how the interview came about, what was said, and what he reads between the lines

‘In fact, people should ask forgiveness of Modi’

Remorseless for Gujarat 2002, Modi pleads his impeccable credentials


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