Modi’s Troubles at Home

Haima Deshpande

If the Gujarat CM has watched the arrest of his deputy home minister with a sense of personal injury and alarm, it’s not without reason.

Mystic Movement

After the dark days of the Gujarat riots, there came a glimmer in Shabnam Virmani’s discovery of the diverse social landscape that the poet Kabir still inhabits.

Man in the Mask

Narendra Modi is a man of few words, but he chooses them well to fabricate his vision of a Hindu society and ignore uncomfortable realities

Shadowy Evidence

As the country now investigates Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat’s ‘communal riots’ of 2002, a rumoured late-night meeting holds the key.

Playing Ball with the Government

Public-private partnership has the potential to change the face of Indian sport. The challenge is the mindset.

India This Week

Jharkhand Polls: New Leaders, Old Troubles; Clean Chit for ‘Naxals’; In a Fix Over Telangana; The Gujarat Directive; Start With Hemant Karkare’s Jacket

Encounters of the Modi Kind

The Gujarat police faces allegations of killing 20 people in 11 fake encounters

Dam Worries

Water is a resource Gujarat would have been flooded with had the Narmada project gone by plan. Instead, the state remains parched and farmers watch helplessly as reserves flow out to sea. It’s a story of alarming apathy

The Salt Stories

The freewheeling structure of a “road movie” takes a documentary crew on the trail of Gandhi’s Salt March of 1930, and uses that epic journey to make a trenchant comment on the Gujarat of today.

“I am Narendra Modi’s Wife”

In a poor village, the woman who is believed to be the estranged wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat lives in a one-room home


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