Lessons from Morbi

Rajeev Deshpande

An accountability for the disaster that has a man-made imprint all over it

The Wages of Profligacy

Behind the political anger directed at the Election Commission for asking parties to explain how they plan to fund their promised freebies lies an ever-growing threat to the Indian economy

Gujarat and Punjab: Tales to Two States

Gujarat snares a big deal, Punjab gets a denial

Lives Less Lived

A caste study from a village in Gujarat

A Fair Match

At the Tarnetar Mela an age-old matchmaking tradition is practised even today

The Cultural Traveller

With the retreat of Covid, Indians are on the move again

Prashant Kishor: Gujarat Calling

The Gandhis might be keen on him as their strategist for the Gujarat election in 2023

Beauty As Investment

Cultural capitalism and the dividends of aesthetics

Patel the Most Monumental

When you think Patel, you think big. Or vice versa

The Last Straw

The camels are vanishing from Rajasthan


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