A Job for the Government

Madhavankutty Pillai

It is escapism to ask WhatsApp to prevent lynchings


Journalists under pressure and candidates wooing voters

Beware the New Raiders

No one can afford to take bank loans lightly or ownership of a company for granted anymore

‘All Aadhaar-enabled services are prone to cyber attacks’

Prof Sandeep Shukla speaks to Open on a range of issues related to cyber security


The new attorney general and a PMO without prima donnas 


Law officers of the central government, the cleanest PMO and the pull of black money

Erdoğan: The Half President

A dictatorship is taking shape on the Bosphorus. Anchal Vohra in Istanbul captures the fears and anxieties of post-referendum Turkey

The Angry Fabulist

In Prayaag Akbar’s first novel, a mother’s search for her daughter becomes a searing argument against power. The writer in conversation with Bhavya Dore

Reborn in Trans-Beauty Salon

Transgenders break new ground in Chhattisgarh in a state government initiative


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