A Need to be Seen Reacting

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why Maharashtra government toying with another lockdown is a bad idea

Going Big on Bitcoin

Should cryptocurrencies become mainstream, it would make a big dent on the power of governments

Official Secrets Movie Review

This is a film worth watching

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

To use the Official Secrets Act against The Hindu is a long-lasting boomerang

Guardians of Democracy

Election commissioners are only answerable to the institution

The Right Honourable Holy Cow

The senselessness of a ministry for one animal in Madhya Pradesh

Beyond the Fear Factor

The emotional quotient of politics

A Job for the Government

It is escapism to ask WhatsApp to prevent lynchings


Journalists under pressure and candidates wooing voters

Beware the New Raiders

No one can afford to take bank loans lightly or ownership of a company for granted anymore


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