‘You have got to be optimistic in a young country,’ says Rohini Nilekani

V Shoba

Rohini Nilekani speaks to Open about creating a balance between the state, communities and the marketplace

The Great Balancer

The evolution of the Indian judiciary as a defender of both people’s rights and the state’s interests

Friends or Foes?

Paul Staniland decodes government responses to armed groups

Three Cities and One Mission

A day in the Prime Minister’s vaccine campaign

Distress Call

As its promoter suggests a government takeover, the telecom company hurtles towards decline

Going Big on Bitcoin

Should cryptocurrencies become mainstream, it would make a big dent on the power of governments

A Need to be Seen Reacting

Why Maharashtra government toying with another lockdown is a bad idea

Official Secrets Movie Review

This is a film worth watching

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

To use the Official Secrets Act against The Hindu is a long-lasting boomerang

Guardians of Democracy

Election commissioners are only answerable to the institution


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