Still Romancing Jejuri

Lhendup G Bhutia

In Arun Kolatkar’s footsteps, 50 years later

The Politics of Desire

A seductive narrative of sex and religion

God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

Playing with God

The use of Game Theory to better understand divine beings

Forever Frankenstein

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god

Mumbai Notebook

AC Grayling’s talk on God at the Mumbai International Literary Festival

A Journey to Shiva’s Abode

The magnificence of Mount Kailash

Among the Good Believers

It may be a world ravaged by religious fury but several secular scientific studies show that faith makes people compassionate and socially responsible

Battling the Gods

In Indian cinema, atheists become believers by the end of the film

The Permanent Pursuit of the Imperfect

Gods, goddesses and the human indicator of happiness


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