Sacred Hotline

Lakshmi Bayi

True Divinity would have a better chance at survival if opinions are evolved and followed by the individual

Divine Distancing

Religion makes use of technology and private space to cope with the pandemic

Hanuman: The God That Worked

If the test of a deity is in his efficacy, then you know who won this round in the Delhi elections

A Small Still Voice

It is the capacity to hear the inner voice that for Gandhi reveals the distance he has traversed in his quest. Each invocation of the inner voice indicated to him his submission to God. This listening required proximity with oneself. This proximity could be attained through the practice of ahimsa

Howdy, Gandhi

There will always be a Gandhian piece of wisdom to make your politics not retro-cool but smart and urgent

Still Romancing Jejuri

In Arun Kolatkar’s footsteps, 50 years later

The Politics of Desire

A seductive narrative of sex and religion

God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

Playing with God

The use of Game Theory to better understand divine beings

Forever Frankenstein

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god


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