The March for Green Hydrogen

Sabin Iqbal

Setting standards and governance of the gas could lead to geopolitical competition or a new era of international cooperation

The Great Game over Global Gas Supplies

Hydrocarbon markets are watching the West’s policy on ‘rogue’ nations for a reason

India’s Gas Economy Gets Hazier Still

While voters may be pleased, the Centre has confused India’s gas market reform agenda

Reliance as a Defaulter

The grand fight over KG Basin gas may finally have to be resolved by the Judiciary

Indian Gas Pricing: Still as Hazy as Ever

Private producers want to price it high, users want it kept cheap, and policymakers appear all confused

Snapping a Crude Link

America’s gas renaissance could spell cheaper gas for energy-starved economies even in Asia

Irrational Exuberance Again

Turkmenistan already has large supply commitments to China and Europe, and it may not be able to deliver the promised quantity of gas.

The Complicated Case of Choked Gas

It’s Reliance versus the Centre over KG Basin gas all over again, but maybe it ultimately comes down to this: whose gas is it anyway?

The State-versus-Reliance Saga

With Reliance’s output only half the planned level, the Centre also gets less by way of earnings

Shale Gas in Deep Trouble

Current methods of shale gas extraction can pollute ground-water, say protestors in France


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