Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Last Days of Márquez

Chronicle of a death retold by a son

Titanic in a Water Tank

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a dreamy love story, is an outsider’s film that celebrates, in pure wonderment, the rewards of cross-cultural journeys

CP Surendran: ‘Poetry is the handle to the door of human experience’

The poet CP Surendran in his new book finds it difficult to separate politics from literature

The Novel and Its Discontents

Reading Marlon James’ Booker winning A Brief History of Seven Killings, a fireball of a novel, and wondering: What’s it that makes fiction great?

El Realismo Gabo, Forever

The reality of the world Gabriel García Márquez inherited needed a redeemer, a storyteller. El Maestro lived to tell the tale

Reality Check

The style is reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, but Binoo K John works with a disadvantage. He writes in English

Why Read Llosa over Marquez

Writing about Peru, the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, also writes about our reality


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