Kitab Khana

Anil Dharker

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the devastating fire

Holy Smoke and Mirrors

Is the politicisation of recent thefts and vandalism in Andhra Pradesh’s temples the beginning of a communal schism?

Mumbai Notebook

Firefighting, over-bridge collapse and moon landing anniversary

Mumbai Notebook

Fire safety as an afterthought

London Fire and Leadership

Britain feels the absence of a leader at the worst of its time--when it needs answers and authority

Lessons Unlearnt

The Uphaar tragedy highlights the Indian habit of regularising exceptional illegality

Unfreedom: Now not showing

Unfreedom and the difficulty of screening a movie that features lesbians in India

Tibetan Self-Immolations

The tally of self-immolations, since the first such protest was reported in 2009, has gone up to 85

Should You Buy a Nano?

My first impression was that it was a proper car and not a cobbled-together rickshaw with four wheels and metal bodywork.


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