Mumbai Notebook

Anil Dharker

Ganeshotsav and the city's decibel divide 

Hay Notebook

The political drift at the Hay Festival

On a Level-Playing Stage

When art repudiates caste and class

Dancing by the Yamuna

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the art of oversized soft power

The festival checklist

The Indian music scene has more players than all seasons of Game of Thrones put together, but there are few who can give the audience a great time. Here are some of the festival circuit bands you must check out

Sharp, Blunt and Interactive

Acquiring a taste for theatre at the International Theatre Festival of Kerala

When Everything Is Okay

On Navaratri. And memories

No Escape from Delhi

If you think a cultural festival outside the city is the perfect excuse for a holiday, go prepared. It might just seem like you’re back in Delhi

The Load Bearer

According to legend, Bangalore’s well-being depends on one man with good balance

Not Really Diwali-cious

Traditionally, Diwali releases are box office crackers. Think DDLJ or Om Shanti Om. But don’t get your hopes up this year


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