farmers protest

The Empty Core

S Prasannarajan

Farmers’ protest and the politics of desperation

Mind over Matter

The Left may have shrunk politically, but it is still an intellectual force to reckon with

The End of an Agitation

Something that has not gone unnoticed in the politically aware community

Punjab: Harvesting a Protest

If there is trouble from a resurgent Khalistani politics, it is unlikely to follow the roadmap of the 1980s. Siddharth Singh travels across Punjab to find out what has changed

Fixing the Narrative

The cost of the failure to articulate the truth on farm laws

Punjab and Protest

A forgotten legacy

Celebrities as Mercenaries

Rihanna and Thunberg highlight the pitfalls of exploiting stardom to champion a cause

Farmer Friendly

Food subsidy and minimum support price data show the persistence of the government’s generosity

Protest and Pandemonium

Protests are society’s pressure valve. The problem begins when small-group interests trample upon others’ interests


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