farmers protest

Bhopal’s Go-Getter


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has set about shuffling the bureaucracy and implementing BJP’s poll pledges ahead of the Lok Sabha election

The Myths and Reality of a Protest

The demands made by Punjab’s agitating farmers call for nothing less than a total capitulation by the Union government

The Belligerence of Farmers

They are marching from Punjab hoping for another retreat by the Modi government. It may not happen this time

A Reasonable Restriction

The Law Commission has affirmed that sedition is a necessary law that must be saved but with additional safeguards

Farmers at War in Kurukshetra

When the local police tried to disperse the crowd, the ‘farmers’ resorted to violence and damaged government property

The Canadian Complex

On the extraordinary power grab of Justin Trudeau to stop protests that would seem ordinary in India

Hard Choices

The slashing of key subsidies in agriculture was long overdue and signals the government’s seriousness about economic revival

The Order of Disorder

The Prime Minister’s security breach in Punjab highlights the increasingly extra-parliamentary nature of protest

Why Did the Government Relent?

The threat posed by identity politics to India’s toughest economic reform appears to have influenced the government in taking a decision in the national interest

The Meaning of Lakhimpur Kheri

Why the farmers’ agitation is turning more volatile


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