farmers protest

Fixing the Narrative

Minhaz Merchant

The cost of the failure to articulate the truth on farm laws

Punjab and Protest

A forgotten legacy

Celebrities as Mercenaries

Rihanna and Thunberg highlight the pitfalls of exploiting stardom to champion a cause

Farmer Friendly

Food subsidy and minimum support price data show the persistence of the government’s generosity

Protest and Pandemonium

Protests are society’s pressure valve. The problem begins when small-group interests trample upon others’ interests

Covering the Protests and Counter-Protests at Singhu

An account of the drama that unfolded at the epicentre of the farmers’ protests

Protesting Too Much

Is Modi Derangement Syndrome at work?

Rampage at Red Fort

The tactic and the goal of the farmers’ protest were devious: ‘invade’ Delhi in such numbers that the government is forced to react violently

Nawabs of Negativity

Look who has lost faith in Indian democracy

The Court in the Middle

After the court passed an interim order on a clutch of petitions related to three farm reform laws passed by Parliament, it found itself in the midst of a firestorm


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