Cool and Vernacular

Lhendup G Bhutia

Digital India begins to speak in mother tongues. And it’s big business

Being Mortal

Sheryl Sandberg’s guide on coping with loss and how to be a better friend

Manju Warrier, Actor

The Star Who Dared

Writing on the Wall

What exactly can you teach students about the grammar of Facebook posts?

How Social Media Is Shaping the New Political Order

Media partners in the politics of change for better or worse

Artificial Intelligence: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran, 35, 37 Founders of Mad Street Den

“We looked at everyday lives to figure out where AI can intersect”

The Asexuals

They are untouched by libido, and Lhendup G Bhutia finds out why

TRAI’s Net Neutrality Ruling

TRAI’s announcement has closed the doors on Facebook’s Free Basics, which was a means to provide free internet access to the poor who couldn’t afford data charges

In Defence of Walled Gardens

On the opposition to Free Basics in the name of the poor


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