Mimic Nation

Madhavankutty Pillai

India’s ambivalent relationship with technology and business has made us perpetual consumers to US producers

Data Capitalism

A tell-all account by former Cambridge Analytica executive Brittany Kaiser reveals why data is the new oil

Restaurant Reviews: The Fault in Their Stars

Restaurants are biting back at social media influencers who offer good reviews for a fee and free meals

Harvesting Hate

An insider’s account of how a few smart men mined and manipulated data to con the world

For privacy, against anonymity

Linking Aadhaar to social media accounts is a flawed idea but alternatives must be explored

The Dark Side of the Boon

The abuse of information technology is a threat to our democracy

Chinese Apps: Swipe Red

Chinese apps have become so popular in India that they are strong competitors to Facebook and Instagram

Web of Anxiety

Online ventures are at risk of a consumer backlash

The Money Trap

Why Google and Facebook invite being arm-twisted by governments the world over

The Pitch Update

WhatsApp is expected to replace Facebook as the online battlefield in 2019


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