The Book of Overcoming

Bibek Debroy

What the old texts tell us about codes of behaviour and the creation of wealth in a calamity

A Road Map for the Ruler

The path to greatness according to the Vamadeva Gita

Reimagining the Gita

The limits of reading it as an independent text

The Inner and Outer Life

Applying spiritual ethics to policymaking and justice

The Sovereign Condition

Raj Dharma is all about the rule of law

The Snare of Samsara

The smallest of worldly cares keeps one trapped in the cycle of birth and death

Waiting for the Judgement

Contending perspectives will ensure search for ultimate justice continues

The Awakening of Puranjana

How maya clouded a king’s judgement

The Householder Dharma

Mortals can serve the gods by pursuing kama and artha

On Gandhi and Gandhism

By his actions, Gandhi demonstrated the power of the powerless catapulting him as an icon of thought leadership for all times to come


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