Snapping a Crude Link

Shailendra Tyagi

America’s gas renaissance could spell cheaper gas for energy-starved economies even in Asia

Let Us Give This Peace Pipe a Chance

As America’s energy anxieties ease, India may get a realistic chance to address its own

Big Indian Ideas

Like them or not, the brainwaves that no citizen can ignore

Practice Makes More Perfect

A study shows those who continue practising tasks after mastering them exert less energy to achieve more

The Raw and the Cooked

Human evolution may have gained much from the extra energy cooking made available

The Revolution’s New Leaf

With a little help from the Tata Group, man has managed to replicate photosynthesis in a lab. In the future, you could well have an artificial leaf powering a house in an Indian village

Strange Love

The Indian Government has completely smothered the rights of its citizens in the interests of the nuclear industry


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