The Green Credit Line

Chitranjan Kumar

India will try to repeat the success of solar energy in the green hydrogen sector, PM Modi tells B20 Summit leaders

The Green Hydrogen Moment

India seeks to cut its dependence on fossil fuel imports

Fast Forward

From new energy hopes to Elon Musk’s ambitions, tech is changing at the speed of light

The March for Green Hydrogen

Setting standards and governance of the gas could lead to geopolitical competition or a new era of international cooperation

The Energy Leap

India reached Germany’s solar capacity in half the time. Renewable energy goals are within sight

Kerala floods: Forebodings in India’s Ancient Texts

Our ancient sages were so much in tune with Prakriti that they came to predict—and prepare—for the vagaries in nature

Being civil about development

The IB report on NGOs brings out the battle between the state and nature

The Great Game over Global Gas Supplies

Hydrocarbon markets are watching the West’s policy on ‘rogue’ nations for a reason

Idea 3

Go with the wind

Idea 5

Let there be light, always


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