The Discovery of Independent India

Amita Shah

Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya is a rich trove of the country’s political history as seen through its 14 past prime ministers

Open Diary

The liberal intelligentsia and Indira Gandhi’s infamous Emergency

A First for the Death Row

Two policemen in Kerala are sentenced to death for a custodial killing

PIL: In the Name of Law

Public interest litigation often overlooks the most cherished fundamental rights

Darkness at Noon

When the state and individuals failed freedom

The Future Is Now

Critical inventions that are poised to revolutionise the lives of Indians in 2016

Emergency, Uncensored

A visual depiction of events of the 1970s that makes this dark period seem more sinister than ever.

Prisoners of Conscience

It could have been a period piece about political prisoners and state repression during the Emergency. But 30 years after it was made, the film still rings with contemporary relevance.

Riot and Wrong

As the Jarnail Singh incident reminds us, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots still rankle. This essay from Khushwant Singh’s Why I Supported the Emergency explains why


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