Creatures Great and Small

Ranjit Lal

Beastly tales in fiction

Right of Passage

Corridors are essential to link shrinking tusker habitats

The Elephant Whisperer

What started as a photography assignment to capture a festival of pachyderms soon turned into a passion project for Anand Shinde

The One-Eyed Star Elephant of Kerala

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran, a Bihari by birth, has a fan following. You may even log onto a Facebook community set up by Malayalees who adore the tusker

Jumbo Gift

An Ambani joins the crowd of those who have donated elephants to temples

Confessions of a government elephant keeper

“In the mating season, a secretion forms on the elephant’s forehead. We have to keep a safe distance.”

The Elephant in the Rain

It was a sight that haunts me. Humans can be frightfully mean without giving it a second thought.


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