No Surprise, Money Still Counts in Karnataka

Anil Budur Lulla

Assembly poll candidates seem to be either freshly minted millionaires or those who have reported a massive increase in assets over the past five years

Awaiting Disaster

The gloom of a country that faces yet another election without much hope for respite from its crisis

Still a Wild Field

Jostling for the honour of being the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate has begun. And how

Caste Calculus Held Hostage

The recent hostage crisis may have shifted Bihar’s delicate caste equations. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has reason to worry.

Sugar Shudders

A national sugar crisis. An Assembly election in Maharashtra. For better or worse, they’re closely entwined.

Why They Always Fight Over Portfolios

These leaders were not fighting for Cabinet minister rank. They wanted particular portfolios

Milch Maketh the Maths

From the cool cubicles of the corporate world to buffalo distribution, Annu Tandon has taken quite an arc to enter the dusty fields of electoral politics in Uttar Pradesh

When Write is Wrong

Politicians and political parties in Orissa’s capital are in a bind: there are no walls for graffiti. Most walls in this city sport traditional paintings

Makeover Man

The suit is out. Dhoti in. English out, Malayalam in. Former UN bureaucrat and Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor is a changed man. But will that take him where he wants to go?

Ek… the Power of One

A temple priest living in the middle of the Gir forest in Gujarat has a polling booth all for himself


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