Seasons’ Greetings

Lakshmi Bayi

Learning from the ancients about a sustainable future

An Ancient Warning

Coexist with nature, never seek to conquer it

Planet First

We cannot win against pandemics without tackling climate change

The Taming of the Earth

The utilitarian aspect of Dharma

‘Freedom is something you fight for,’ says Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta makes her digital debut with a dystopian series. The filmmaker tells Divya Unny how a particular tale can be universal in nature

The Rock Bottom of Origins

The ancestral story as written in a stone found in Odisha

The Race to the Final Date

Two delightful perspectives on delaying the inevitable

The Original Shine

Gold on earth may well have come from outer space, but the gold we can currently access has an even more interesting history

Twins Paradox Redux

Atomic clocks can now measure differences in the passage of time for objects separated by a foot’s height on the earth’s surface.


Jupiter’s gravitational reach has a slight chance of destroying Earth someday, say astronomers


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