A Colourless Diwali

Virendra Kapoor

The wasteful expenditure on gifts is gone

The Quietest Diwali in 5 Years

Why not move Diwali to another month?


The new crowd at five-star hotels and the old problem of Diwali gifts

Cause and Effect Mismatch

If crop residue is the main reason for Delhi's pollution, regulating firecrackers won’t help much

Lights Out

On the firecracker ban in Delhi this Diwali

Mumbai Notebook

A festival of chemicals

Blowing Cold and Cold

It’s the season to complain about air pollution but at your own peril

Hindi cinema: The Aesthetics of Excess

It’s glorious to be rich in Hindi cinema

Badshah of Bad Taste

SRK’s big Diwali release is a damp cracker, and an offensive one at that

Not Really Diwali-cious

Traditionally, Diwali releases are box office crackers. Think DDLJ or Om Shanti Om. But don’t get your hopes up this year


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