The Bittersweet Truth

Dr Ambrish Mithal

Sugar substitutes can be as harmful as the real thing

Don’t Resist Mangoes

The truth about diabetes and fruits

Insulated From Reality

The scare about insulin is misplaced

Don’t Be Your Own Doctor

Stop fighting your medicines, fight your maladies

Choice of the Heart

Don’t take chances if you are in the risk group

Never Too Old

Type 1 or ‘childhood’ diabetes can strike at any age, but once diagnosed accurately, it can easily be managed

Mend the Creak

Preventive measures can fend off an impending osteoporosis epidemic

Interpretation of a Malady

Is a permanent cure for diabetes just around the corner?

The Big Fat Indian Story

Sugar is not all you should watch out for in a hearty meal

A Grain of Truth

When did sweets become an integral part of our diet? In ancient times, honey was probably the source of all sweetness. The first evidence of crystalline sugar in human history comes from India


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