Idea 2

Amitabh Kant

The art of the megalopolis

Modi’s Gujarat Army

Seven hundred BJP workers from the state have been drafted to fan out across India to tom-tom his ‘model of development’

The Lies of the Land

The popular arguments in defense of the development models of Kerala and Gujarat are of dubious merit.

Evolution of Culture

Learnt behaviour is passed down generations not just in highly intelligent species.

Surrendering the Last Frontier

The Kanha-Pench landscape is one of India’s best four tiger habitats. But despite objections from the National Board for Wildlife, National Tiger Conservation Authority, Wildlife Institute of India and Supreme Court’s Central Empowered Committee, a highway might just deny the big cat its best chance of survival.

The Salt Stories

The freewheeling structure of a “road movie” takes a documentary crew on the trail of Gandhi’s Salt March of 1930, and uses that epic journey to make a trenchant comment on the Gujarat of today.

Sen and the Art of Development

Dr Binayak Sen completes two years in prison on 14 May. Since the case against him is not clear, how does one fight for his release?


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