The Art of Juggling Demands

Siddharth Singh

The finance minister has addressed the employment situation with incentives and met the expectations of states without creating a future hazard while pushing reforms to keep growth ticking

A Respite for the Middle Class

Incentives for women and youth offer hope

The Next Five Years

An action plan for Modi 3.0

Bridging the Gap

Empirical remedies for national progress

“The day you say Modi is ‘satisfied’, you can say you are paying homage to him”

PM Narendra Modi says he is impatient to complete unfinished work of national development and expresses confidence of voters backing his government’s record.

Modi’s Road to 370

BJP is banking on its winning formula of development and religion

The Reform Rush

How Modinomics scripted a globally competitive economy

Investing in Identity

What cultural capital can bring to national development

Digital Dividend

G20 members’ adoption of the Indian digital public infrastructure as a global template for developing nations is a big boost to Delhi’s stature


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