The Sheila Shield

Mihir Srivastava

Delhi’s CM seems to be doing her utmost to protect state officials from the CBI probe

Vicky Donor

This film has a sense of humour that cuts across class and cerebral levels

No Escape from Delhi

If you think a cultural festival outside the city is the perfect excuse for a holiday, go prepared. It might just seem like you’re back in Delhi

No City for Young Women

Delhi as India’s ‘rape capital’ is a sensational label that rings true for reasons both heinous and heartless. One woman’s effort to understand why so little is ever done about it

A Gandhian’s Memories

How land meant for farmers displaced by Partition later housed the rich and powerful of Delhi, one of them being Indira Gandhi.

The Real Culture Vultures

There is a set of serial gatecrashers who live off Delhi’s vibrant cultural life. Some of them carry cards saying ‘freelance journalist and LIC agent’

Updating the Natraj Diaries

At the First Indian Annual Comic Con, compulsive doodlers will get to meet published graphic artists

Band Baaja Baaraat

A bunch of newcomers gets the sound of go-getting Dilli pitch-perfect but slips up on the romance front

In Black and White

Residents of Delhi beat up some Nigerian nationals recently, accusing them of ‘eating babies’. The harassment of Africans by Indians is all too common. When will the law catch up with Indian racists?

Do We Really Need a Capital?

The idea of a national capital is not any more meaningful than the idea of national sports and birds.


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