Garden Variety

Swapna Liddle

The past and present of botanical Delhi

The Swaraj Aura

In New Delhi, BJP candidate Bansuri Swaraj taps into the legacy of her mother and the youth vote

Hydra-Headed Alliance

The public recriminations over seat sharing could well mean that instead of hanging separately, they will now hang together

Framing India

Raghu Rai’s pre-digital photographs capture the everyday and the extraordinary

The Belligerence of Farmers

They are marching from Punjab hoping for another retreat by the Modi government. It may not happen this time

Breaching Boundaries

India Art Fair 2024 showcases the classical and the subversive across genres

Grey Skies

Fog, aviation and why the customer is not always king

Being in Goa

You come across a lot of people from Delhi who have their second or third home here

Why Modi Wins Elections

Women are the nodal caste in his radical recharacterisation of varna

Material Lightness

The buoyancy of KS Radhakrishnan’s sculptures


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