Nipah: A State of Virus

It is yet another season of epidemic scare in Kerala. But Nipah defies medicine

Death of a Sportsman

Accidental deaths are not common in sport

The Horror and Sorrow of Gorakhpur

Pallavi Pundir visits ground zero of the tragedy at Baba Raghav Das Medical College hospital (Photos: Raul Irani)

Being Mortal

Sheryl Sandberg’s guide on coping with loss and how to be a better friend

Varanasi Stampede: 24 Deaths in 20 Minutes

The gross negligence and unpreparedness of the local administration resulted in a tragedy that will haunt Varanasi for years to come

A Dry Run in Bihar

The cost of Nitish Kumar’s prohibition raj

Paranormal Activists

As a death in Delhi acquires a ghostly twist, Open finds out that being haunted is very normal for some

India’s Ongoing Heat Wave

Researchers argue that governments need to include heat hazards in their disaster management manuals. In India, heat relief gets insufficient attention


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