A Vacuum of Answers

What vaccination in Seychelles tells us about reliable truths in the time of Covid

The Kindness of Strangers

How people stepped up to fill the gaps in India’s Covid response as the second wave surged

India in Prayer

Between failure and grief, there is also the compassion of the community and the unbending glory of the human spirit. What will define us is how we confront this moment and we might still come out a better country

The Price of Self-Dependency

On the line that joins demonetisation and the vaccine shortage crisis

KR Gouri (1919-2021): The Lady Who Dared

A law graduate, Gouri was a true visionary of Kerala. Her vision of governance was shaped by her understanding of her fellow citizens

Lamentation 2021

Building anew is nobler than being offended by bad stories. It’s about restoring faith in the state

No Last Goodbyes

The second wave of tears and fears

Mourning Becomes India

When the nuts and bolts of society collapse under an overwhelming disease, the only predictability is raw suffering

Grief and the Limits of Rage

The story of suffering and bereavement is larger than the literature of blame


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