Gandhi vs Savarkar

Makarand R Paranjape

Indians can learn the art of living from their lonely deaths

Dying in Gaza

The wages of Israel’s war of retribution

Straining At the Leash

The death of a businessman reignites the debate on the menace of stray dogs

The Goddess and Armageddon

War kills the young and heroism does not bring them back to life

The Death of a Pipe Dream

The only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is by governing it itself

A Himalayan Faultline

Reckless building of infrastructure has been blamed for the mess

The Fraying of Manipur

Old faultlines have brought the state to the edge of civil war

‘There Will Always Be Only One Pelé’

Remembering a conversation with the late football legend in Kolkata

Pele put his arm around me and asked his assistant to take a photo

An Indian journalist recalls that distant moment in 2003 at the Copenhagen waterfront that he still believes is nothing short of a miracle

Lessons from Morbi

An accountability for the disaster that has a man-made imprint all over it


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