David Cameron

Liz Truss: The Unlikely Tory and the Unlikelier Thatcherite

Sudeep Paul

Britain’s new prime minister will have no honeymoon period and will struggle to keep the party in office till the next general election

Fear and Freedom in the Divided Kingdom

And the outsider as tragic hero even in victory

Brexit: An English Romance

In Brexit the world has witnessed a clash of civilisations—and a vindication of Enoch Powell

Absolutely Boris

The man chiefly responsible for Britain’s decision to leave the European Union would probably prefer it to remain

Britain: Wish Us Luck

The tradition of liberal democracy is under threat in Britain

Welcome to Britain Reborn

Brexit has smashed up the EU, imperilled the UK and redefined the relationship between Parliament, the Constitution and the party system

Brexit or Stay, Behold Boris the Outsider

On the eve of the EU referendum in Britain, it is the familiar story of the popular outsider pitted against the resented Establishment

Tata Steel: The Empire for Sale

Will Tata hasten Britain’s industrial decline?

Modi Makes a Decisive Move in the UK

Modi has made the relationship more forward looking

Modi in UK: Illusions of a Vanished Past

It’s a fallacy to imagine that being the first prime minister to be born after Independence, Modi is immune to the magic of the British Raj


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