Underground Dalit Leaders: Band of Brothers

Kumar Anshuman

Kumar Anshuman meets the underground leadership of Dalit assertion in western Uttar Pradesh

More to Moditva

The aggrieved, the aspirational, the awed and the austere. The anatomy of a history-shifting verdict

Out of Maya

Old-timers in BSP are disillusioned with Kanshi Ram’s protégé. Do Dalits share their sentiment? Rahul Pandita travels in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh to gauge the depth of dissent against Mayawati

An Untimely Botch Up in Jisha case?

Post mortem of raped and murdered Dalit woman in Kerala puts a big question mark on time of death that the police had estimated

The Life and Death of Jisha

What the gruesome rape and murder of a law student says about the dangers of being marginalised in an insensitive society where the police are as brutal as the sexually depraved

Bant Singh: Notes of Defiance

An ode to the Dalit singer Bant Singh explores the beauty and bloodiness of Punjab

Late Harvest

A pioneering Dalit autobiography that offers a remarkable narrative on the many aspects of truth


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