Dalit-run MSMEs find it tough to obtain loans

Ullekh NP

A new book that studied over a million such firms also reveals gender disadvantage

The Principled Life of Kobad Ghandy

Memoirs of a man who was born into affluence but chose a life of struggle

The First Heroine

A fictional account of Kerala’s forgotten female Dalit actor of the 1930s

The New Dalits Are a Thought Bank

But look who’s so desperate to keep them a vote bank

A Whiff of Kathua

Investigation without the invention of the enemy please

Farce after Tragedy

The jury is out on what would constitute justice for the Hathras victim. But the battle is going to escalate for the Modi government

Hathras and the Politics of Denial

In the country she lived, it was her life, lower and insignificant, that was the crime waiting to be punished

Rebel Rap

Singing against casteism

Our Lives Matter

Efforts to instigate social conflicts have failed because of the resolve of Indian society to uphold inclusiveness

The Dalit Who Got Out

Bhanwar Meghwanshi tells Bhavya Dore how he has become a non-Hindu


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