Finding Home

Kumud Ranjan

The memoir of a Dalit writer on alienation, deprivation and reconciliation

BR Ambedkar: The Last Moralist

The relevance of an idea called Ambedkar

Transwoman in CPM youth body calls for mindset change

Laya Maria Jaison, 31, has tried her luck in modelling and acting

Is the Indian Left Anti-Marx?

A recent event barring a Dalit scholar from a talk at LSR suggests so, argues Dr Aditi Narayani Paswan

Fulfilling Ambedkar’s Dream

Dalits tend to benefit more than others with social peace and stability

Kareena’s Groom Rides a Mare

A small intervention by the police has changed an unwritten code of caste discrimination in a corner of Rajasthan

Dalit-run MSMEs find it tough to obtain loans

A new book that studied over a million such firms also reveals gender disadvantage

The Principled Life of Kobad Ghandy

Memoirs of a man who was born into affluence but chose a life of struggle

The First Heroine

A fictional account of Kerala’s forgotten female Dalit actor of the 1930s

The New Dalits Are a Thought Bank

But look who’s so desperate to keep them a vote bank


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