Indebted to Imaginary Pleasures

Photographs of food can be equally appetising

Anthony Bourdain: The Super Chef

Anthony Bourdain’s spirit of adventure reminds us that this life, in spite of everything, can be fun

Be a Case Study on a Plate

My diet is now curated by science—and I’m happy

The Taste in Memory

Modern day tasting menus make us long for festival food

A Conspiracy of Veggies

Air India, bring back meat or stop serving food on your flights altogether

The Tastemaker’s Trend

Food novelty, like fashion, is a fickle creature

Spare the Momo Please

A Tibetan snack that encloses varied flavours as well as memories, draws investment as much as political flak, it boasts of a culinary heritage that some trace to the Mongol Empire


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