The Other Side of Midnight

Soutik Biswas

Can the India story be redeemed?

Kerala: Red With a Dash of Saffron

The UDF has suffered a humiliating setback after a no-holds-barred campaign in which it was seen as aligning with communalists of all hues

West Bengal: Soaring Sister and Falling Fossils

Mamata Banerjee’s victory is a major embarrassment for Yechury who jostled for CPM’s poll pact with the Congress

A Conspiracy of Yadavs

After blatantly favouring one caste in government appointments, the judiciary comes calling at Akhilesh Yadav’s doorstep

The Cop Who Was Also a Crusader

N Dilip Kumar has always fought against corruption. Now retired, he writes about it


Prakash Jha’s latest is loud, uncouth and rather an awful film

Anna’s Military Might

India’s favourite agitationist looks for a new source of support

Something Is Rotten in Punjab

The politics of patronage practised by the Akali Dal has corrupted an entire state

How Georgia Did It

Eight years ago, faced with rampant corruption, Georgia took a series of drastic steps, among them the overnight sacking of the entire police force. Did it work?


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