‘Three Warnings’ of BR Ambedkar

Ram Madhav

Dr Ambedkar raised the spectre of India losing its independence once again if the Constitution was not adhered to in letter and spirit

States of Disobedience

Why is it that many Supreme Court rulings go unimplemented in the South?

States of the Notion

Maybe a second States Reorganisation Commission will do justice

Voting Together

Time for a debate on simultaneous elections

Madhav Khosla, Scholar

Going Constitutional

Public Order and Disorder

The task of doing away with legislative deadwood

By the People

An affirmation of the link between universal adult franchise and the depth of Indian democracy

India’s Recurring Hindi Bug

Why not impose Tamil? It might be better and safer

Modi and the Supremacy of Law

Power will not ensure anyone a larger-than-law role, and let that be the enduring legacy of Modi


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