The Dead Do Speak

Hartosh Singh Bal

The US court summons to Kamal Nath and the Congress for the ’84 riots should shame us

Mind Your Language

The Congress is simply playing the politics of distraction, and the RSS is its most convenient target

“Manmohan will be PM till 2014”

As the Congress feels the tremors of its own deeds, and the opposition asks for the PM’s head, party General Secretary Digvijay Singh speaks to Open

So, Who’s the Boss?

From two not so long ago, the Congress now has three clear power centres, but no one knows how and where whose writ runs

Congress to Blame for Book Ban

The party should shed its hypocrisy on the freedom of expression

The Digvijaya Story

Starting with the PM’s media advisor and the NAC, Delhi still doesn’t get India.

Arjun Singh’s Final Act

A master manipulator of the politics of perception, this one-time Congress bigwig seems unwilling to bow out without staging a closing piece of drama.

Confessions of a Minister’s PA

“Though I am a PA of a Congress minister, my political loyalties lie elsewhere. The trick is to know how to hide such secrets”

Operation Cleave Ho

With a nod from the Congress, an RJD leader rebels against Lalu Prasad. This is an event that reveals a somewhat unsettling aspect of the grand old party’s gameplan to win Bihar.

It’s Still about Kamal Nath

The allegations against HS Phoolka, counsel for Delhi’s 1984 riot victims, are another attempt to suppress the truth.


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