A Home Run for 2024

Rajeev Deshpande

Modi’s attack on freebies and his emphasis on development-cum-welfare will define the BJP campaigns for the upcoming Assembly elections

Congress: Cold Comfort

Congress will find solace in its victory in Himachal Pradesh but it is still far from posing a serious threat to BJP in 2024

Himachal Pradesh: Outcome As Usual

BJP pays for downplaying the danger of populism and its large number of rebels

Gujarat: The Enduring Model

Gujarat’s voters will not switch allegiance without a credible alternative to BJP

The Road to Constituent Assembly

Why we must guard against vilifying leaders based on a warped understanding of history

Congress: Decline and Fall

Congress’ humiliation in Munugode marks its steady erasure as the main opposition in Telangana but as bypoll results elsewhere show, the party’s crisis does not end with one state

Where Continuity is Change

In a break with tradition, incumbent BJP is confident of retaining power in Himachal Pradesh

The Limits of the Anti-Modi Plank

Narendra Modi and BJP are in a much stronger position today than in the run-up to 2019 as they head for state elections that will begin the contest for 2024

Points for Tharoor

He might be rewarded by the high command for his dignified contest

Travels in Hyperreality

On the road with Rahul Gandhi


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