The Writing on the Wall

Virendra Kapoor

After the polls, Samajwadi Party and the Congress' mutual dejection may again be the reason for them to go their separate ways

The Dispensables

An abusive opposition and the activist Rahul only strengthen Modi

Total Mobilisation

Steered by Modi, BJP’s multi-pronged voter outreach campaign gains momentum

Withering Away

The redundancy of the Dynasty and the trial of the Nehruvian legacy

Left’s Message to Congress

Left leaders are arguing that it is more important for the Congress leader to contest from northern India or even Karnataka, and that this would send an appropriate signal of political engagement

A Divide That Isn’t

The North vs South rhetoric masks the ongoing de-Hinduisation beyond the Vindhyas

The Unravelling

The Congress humiliation takes a toll on I.N.D.I.A.’s electoral viability

Mind the (Credibility) Gap

Congress faces its severest test after a resounding no to its populist pitch

Hydra-Headed I.N.D.I.A.

Will have multiple claimants

The Shaky Citadel

Is Brand KCR taking a hit with Congress closing in? Open reports from Telangana


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