A Performer on the Front Foot

Siddharth Singh

The new Punjab Congress chief never misses an opportunity to play out his mass appeal

No Sir, Not Possible

Navjot Singh Sidhu and Amarinder Singh together as a team

14 Days to the Darkest Phase of Indian Democracy

A peek into the crucial events from June 12 to June 26 of 1975, the day Emergency came into force

A Bangladeshi Remembers Rajiv Gandhi

What if he had lived to get that second term in office?

Rahul Dismisses Indian Democracy

For the Congress today, what matters is not power but complaining about power

Congress’ Hard Left Turn

Biggest electoral misstep since Indira Gandhi?

The Great Betrayal

We did not abandon the Congress, they abandoned us

Ghulam Nabi Azad: A Free Man

The veteran from Kashmir leaves the House

The Rage

Modi may be right. The opposition privately thinks so too. Hence the anger

Who’s Next?

Ghulam Nabi Azad will most probably be replaced as leader, but who can that be?


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