Swadeshi Worship

Jayanta Ghosal

India has imposed restrictions on incense sticks coming from China

Back to Gandhi, Desperately

Sonia as interim president only deepens the Congress crisis

Sheila Dikshit (1938-2019): Leader with a Capital L

Dikshit’s concern for the environment, in a city where pollution levels have risen menacingly, reflected even in her last wish. She was cremated in a CNG crematorium, introduced in Delhi during her tenure

Karnataka: The Inevitable End

The real story in Karnataka is not the fall of the Congress-JD(S) government but the impending demise of the Congress itself in the state

Rahul’s War On the Congress

Now that Rahul Gandhi has walked away, the Congress’ karmic decrepitude has cast its dysfunctional spell on its leaders.

How the Congress Lost the War of Ideas

Rahul Gandhi did not have a counter-argument in the face of force Modi

Zero Marx

A rigid ideology and a generational divide contributed to the Left's rout in India

Author of the Indian Century

The redeeming radicalism of Modi

The Last Resort of Politics

It would be easy to think that resort politics is a modern dilution of the politics of conviction which legislators don’t have anymore

Open Diary

The blame game in the Congress


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