Cold War

‘It is a historian’s task to explain how things fall apart or come together,’ says Neeti Nair

Ullekh NP

Neeti Nair in her new book examines censorship and the state of free speech in South Asia. The historian in conversation with

Limits of the Free World

Who’s winning the new Cold War?

Mikhail Gorbachev: The 20th Century’s Last Hero

To say he did not understand the Soviet Union is to misjudge the man who saved the world

Putin’s Apologists

The joint custodians of a revisionist morality in which Ukraine's tragedy is an abstraction

The New Cold War Begins

Joe Biden’s Containment 2.0 seeks to employ economic tools to undermine the Russian state. The strategy could prove counterproductive and divide the global economy into two competitive blocs. It will also raise international tensions and worsen America’s strategic overstretch

Why China Still Gets Away

The new Cold War is not a clash of ideas

Who’s Afraid of Freedom?

Three decades after 1989, the autocrat has become the sole choreographer of freedom

Being Real

Was India a wily swing state during the Cold War?

Open Diary

The Cold War and Mitrokhin revelations


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