D Gukesh: Perfectly Paired

V Shoba

India’s youngest grandmaster and his irreverent coach on a journey of self-invention

The Mind and Method of Gopichand

A player excluded from the Indian team has sued P Gopichand. Is the national badminton coach an unfair autocrat or just someone who excels at his job?

The Cuban Dronacharya

Cuba’s BI Fernandez is one of the reasons Indian boxers have been throwing such a mean punch. Meet the first ever non-Indian Dronacharya Award winner

Fletcher Memorial

Will India’s current coach end up like Chappell—just another bad memory?

“We put in the hours and got the results”

Geoff Marsh will coach Pune’s IPL team. The man who believes that too much of anything—including money—is bad, recalls how a simple work ethic turned the struggling Australian team into a world-class team.

The Management Guy in the Beautiful Game

Unlike in cricket, a football coach is very powerful. There are deserving reasons.

‘Dhoni and I have great respect for each other’

Media-shy coach Gary Kirsten, who all will agree has played a starring role in making Team India the fighting, winning unit it is today, talks to Open on how he goes about his business.


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